Monday, July 19, 2010

Cooks last week

Don't know what's wrong with me right? From blogging our home reno to our daily lives to the little girl and now nothing else but my own cooking!! Is my life really so meaningless these days? No idea man. Anyway as usual, I missed to do this over the weekend so here goes...

Grilled chicken chop. We had dinner at a Korean franchise over the weekend and I think it was rather expensive and so I decided to replicate the grilled chicken at home. My homemade version definitely not as charred and fragrant as the one served at the restaurant but I could control the amount of oil used.

This is for the hubby.

This is mine. See the mashed pototao side? I was telling K the other day when we were eating at the Korean joint how artificial their mashed potato was and it tasted like it was those premix. Guess what?? Mine also tasted like those premix. I could not understand why. All I did was add some butter and Woh Hup abalone sauce to mash with the potato and it tasted almost like the one served there. Artifical. Corn on the cob was grilled together with the chicken chop (taking in the juice and sauce) and it was very yummy.

Just for the record, this was what I had BBQ Chicken...

There was some sauce left over in the grill pan so I kept about 1 tablespoon of it in the fridge. It has become my habit to keep some leftovers in case I needed to make something simple for my lonely lunch the following day. And I made a small serving of potato salad using the chicken sauce and a bit of Heinz white vinegar as dressing. I think it was rather good. Am naming it "The Oriental Potato Salad" hehe... Oh Mrs Peter is so going to dis-own me (as her ex-student that is) for serving and eating on a SAUCER! Well, it was just me and myself (while Bean Bean was sleeping) for lunch you see...

Cheater cold ramen. Ok this was 1 of those days I didn't want to cook a proper lunch nor buy lunch from downstairs so I cooked a pack of Nongshim Kimchi ramen (dry version) and throw in some julienned ingredients. What I did was to rinse the noodles in iced water after cooking (过冷河) then mix with the sauce and it became cold noodles easily. It was really good. Cold, spicy and springy.

Still recall my 炸酱面 from the previous week? I modified the seasoning a bit (made it less sweet) and it became my humble version of 鲁肉饭. K said it was very 腻 and he didn't finish it. Anyhow, I liked it myself!

Yes, I was trying to replicate the cold appetiser from 鼎泰丰 and I was quite successful. No la not thick-skin la. This is not difficult at all. Scald celery, firm beancurd, carrot and put some sesame oil and light soya sauce. Leave in fridge overnight.

P/S: I have to mention here I cooked ginger chicken 1 night for dinner using Woh Hup ginger sauce and it had a strange taste and was so bad I could only eat a little. K thought it was ok till I mentioned it was ginger chicken then he told me there wasn't any ginger taste. Haha.

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