Friday, July 30, 2010

The girl is 1!

Today is the day. Yes, my little baby turns 1!!! 1 year ago Dr Ho cut my stomach up, pulled out a 2.40kg, 48cm baby girl and sew my fats up. Now she's all grown up! Which also means that I've been breastfeeding for 1 whole year! *Hello Mummy, hello Sister Kang I did it!* I salute my own perseverance being able to do so. It definitely helps that I am a SAHM. I really 佩服those FTWM who can bf over 12months. Currently we have no plans to stop and will continue as long as supply is there. XY has 3 milk feeds these days with cereal/biscuit for breakfast and porridge for lunch and dinner. Morning and afternoon milk will be breastmilk and last milk of the day is Mamil Gold. Don't you feel happy for me? She can finally drink PURE fm on its own. No more mixing needed. Phew! Although she still has problem on milk drinking. eg. cannot finish 1 milk in 1 shot and totally don't want to drink milk while we are out. Just like today I tried to give her her afternoon milk at 5pm+ and she rejected it badly and prompted fell asleep in the pram. Not hungry/thirsty hor?

And here goes the story for today's outing... Daddy K (whose birthday also falls on today) specially applied for leave for today's outing.

Before I get started on this super heavy pic post, here's a little present from K to her favourite girl: Fisher-Price walker. We didn't plan to buy it initially but it just seemed quite interesting so I proposed to buy it.

Yes, this is a super heavy pic post. I posted LOTS of pics. It's all about HER. Ya... *In Ris Low's tone* Hahaha...

The family is all set to go...

Birthday girl wondering why is Daddy not at work on a Friday afternoon??

We went to this indoor children's playground at Kallang Leisure Park. There were quite a few such indoor playgrounds in Singapore but I randomly chose this one. It's free entry for infants up to 11 months. 12 months to 23 months is $10/entry. No charge for accompanying adults. Seriously our XY is so tiny that we could have bluffed our way in but we didn't want to. It's her birthday and we wanna announce it to the whole world! The staff don't bother to check the child's date of birth though. K went back to the car to put my bag away since there wasn't any locker facilities here. I went in with XY. First thing I did was to put her on the little swing. She was quite thrilled initially but lost interest after a short while.

I threw her into the ball pool (which she enjoyed very much at Sean Lau's studio)...

She didn't move about much inside there. Probably she does not have much strength to do so but she did her usual thing - lick everything that wasn't small enough to bite.

New stunt of "shadowless blow".

Her paranoid Daddy was back and damn worried that she will hurt her back or twist something that he decided to bring her to the portion where there is less balls...

So she just stood there motionless and still wondering what's going on...

A little fun play...

Ah... by this time XY realises that her photographer Mummy has been shooting like mad eversince we entered.

She attempts to touch my camera as usual.

Suddenly she remembered the balls need some licking...

So back and forth she went on about licking and attempting to touch my camera.

To distract her, we proceeded to the trampoline area.

She wasn't very interested in jumping either... We left after a while cuz some other older kids came over and jumped like mad and her paranoid Daddy was afraid they would squash her or she might twist some body part (again).

We tried to get her interested in the standalone stuff like this Fisher-Price toy which I don't know what it's called but she kept trying to stand up so forget about it.

How about the slide? Also not keen.

Ok the bouncy ladybird took her attention for a short while.

Oh and I finally took an overview of the playground. Not very big space area as compared to the one we used to bring my younger brother to at Marina Square years ago but I think the older kids (like aged 4 and above) enjoyed it very very much.

Whole river of balls...

Floor space with lots of standalone toys which little XY spent most of her time around this area.

She even went to inspect the tiny chairs. Never seen cable ties before la.

Crawled around the playground and wondering with that curious face of hers what was going on inside there.

Wawawa looks like want to jump down. No la that's a glass panel facing the open carpark.

Kind of scary the older kids looked as though they really wanted to squash her...

Classic stone face.

Put her on the roller thing (don't know the name again) and pushed her...

But she preferred to come off it and inspect the seat very seriously.

I challenged my huge body size and squeezed into the little toyhouse, pulling along my little XY.

And it seems like I enjoyed being inside there more than her.

Extremely hard to make her look at the camera direction. Even with the orange ball bait it doesn't help much.

K said we should leave but it was only 35min since we entered...
Anyway the nice staff there helped us take a happy family pic :)
I wasn't acting cute for the whole day. It is compulsory to wear socks upon entry so I thought I might as well bring along my favourite pair.

I couldn't bear to leave just yet so we adjourned to the rest area where the girl had a pack of Baby Bites for her snack. They served finger food and light meals there but we didn't order anything for ourselves.

Many different expressions at this age. I already filtered the pics to upload but still there are lots.

Offering BB to Mummy.

Offering to an imaginary character - the thin air. She does this very often these few days. As in offering her finger food to the air.

Daddy wants some!

See her many different expressions:

Back to the ball pool for a final dip before we leave.

And a final push.

We were kind of disappointed that XY did not enjoy the fun play as much as we (actually I) thought she would. I jokingly told K we should have told the counter staff she's like 10 months instead of 12 months then we won't have to pay for entry. There was this couple who was sitting at the tiny chairs while their child went to play and they were shocked when we told them XY is 1 yr old. We were very used to such reactions by now. XY is petite by nature. No la don't be ridiculous. I won't feel offended by such reactions. I will feel offended if a sales assistant look at me straight and said: "Miss, we don't have anything in your size". *LOL*

No plans for dinner and we decided to go to Momoya last minute. Reached there before 7pm only to find out that they were full for the night. There was a big group of Japs who occupied nearly half the shop. Really so good biz huh? Even on a Fri evening at such a ulu location. Nvm decided to head to T3 since not far away. Who knows K took the wrong turn and we ended up on ECP towards city direction so we settled for something on the way. First time trying out Old Town White Coffee.

Mine: Chicken Rendang with rice. Nice.

K's wanton noodles. Looks pathetic eh? But quite nice actually.

Couldn't miss the famed white coffee. Overall everything's good but overpriced I think.

XY says: "See you later :)"

Back at home I put this battered koyak box on the table...

Chocolate icing cupcake for the birthday babies. Hm... I was told the icing won't melt and yet... Birthday girl was allowed many licks of the chocolate icing. She was so thrilled!

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