Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cooks this week

Didn't really cook much this week since I did not go to the market at all. Too lazy to go and since XY's supply of minced pork and fish still enough so I decided to ask K to go together on Sat. Um... my friend J was asking me by giving frozen fish to XY, wouldn't it be not "sweet" after that long? I usually buy at least 10 days' worth of supply. I was quite worried when I heard her comment (btw she is a super sweet girl and not critisizing/questioning me at all) so I actually increased the quantity of pork/fish for XY so she can finish them up a little sooner. Not much help there but it sort of makes me feel "safer" :).

My humble version of 蛋炒饭. I totally impressed myself with this as I finally can make it 米饭粒粒分明. Still very far away from 鼎泰丰's version but I don't charge like $10 for a plate of fried rice ok. Had wanted to awe K with it but he had to take on a case and by the time he reached home it was after 12 so I kept it for his lunch the following day. Don't taste nice already la but he still had to finish it...

ABC soup - The pork rib version with the heros: potato, carrot, celery and corn.
I've cooked this soup before but usually with chicken base but this time round K praised the soup and that made me very happy. Read carefully: praise the soup, not me!

Broccoli stir-fry. Been a long time since I bought broccoli and I realised again it is so nice and nutritious.

Cod fish with garlic on top. Um... the garlic seems badly burnt but it's mostly due to the light soya sauce. Geez, I hate to fry fish. I hate the cleaning up part since the oil splatters SO MUCH and therefore it is rare that I make a fish dish. Still in search of recipes for steaming. AJ is still an amature is cooking, especially when the hero is fish.

Asparagus with prawns done black pepper style. I think it was VERY GOOD. Buay paiseh (not shy) right? As for the asparagus, I ate most of it. My very-picky husband does not eat LOTS of vegetables and I practically had to make him eat veggies like asparagus and celery. And I have to challenge myself when I buy certain veggies cuz I will be the one who has to finish it. The only few veggies he eats are kang kong, broccoli and spinach.

P/S: I enjoyed the Sat trip to market as some of the stall owners already know me and what kind of things I want to buy and which way I want it cut. The nice Chinese lady called out loud to me: "小姐,今天要买烧肉吗?" with a nice smile but I didn't buy any. The pork stall uncle knows I always want lean meat minced 2 times and the fish stall uncle knows I always want red grouper sliced into small pieces :) Only the auntie at the other fish stall and the chicken stall ppl not so friendly.

P/P/S: Sorry Bean Bean Baby, mama didn't manage to cook 四神汤this week. Next week ok :)

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