Monday, July 12, 2010

Cooks last week

Sorry I missed to do the post over the weekend. The week was a bit too eventful for me to take it. Meeting Jess for lunch, shopping for baby clothing, Sean Lau photoshoot, birthday party, last minute planning for XY's birthday celebration... Shall be staying home lots this week to clean up the house (if I ever get started. LOL).

Grilled chicken. Finally I got to use my grill pan after resting it for months. Bought the boneless chicken drumstick from market. Marinate with whatever I felt like adding but I think the Italian herbs mix is a great help. K was impressed!

Too lazy to do a veggie dish for the meal, I decided to layer tuna (leftover from breakfast sandwich) mixed with some dressing I like on top of Japanese cucumber. I shamelessly named it "appetiser" which K didn't disagree.

I attempted to make 炸酱面 but sadly the presentation not very nice. K was rather pissed why I put the veggy strips together with the noodles but I thought it was supposed to be this way? Taste-wise not like those we eat outside but I was quite pleased with it. Anyhow cook, anyhow marinate ok.

And here's how it looks after mixing...

There was some 肉碎 and sauce leftover so we had the same thing for breakfast the next morning. Hm.. I think this way of presenting it looks more professional eh?

P/S: A big credit to the 阳春面 (as used above). It sure was very very close to those we have at 老北京. There was 8pcs a pack but I think can only feed 4 pax of my same appetite.

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