Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cooks last week

It was a lazy week last week. As usual I cooked my standard once-a-week chicken soup which the whole family enjoys very much :). Remember I mentioned using the Ginger Chicken premix from Woh Hup previously? I cooked Chicken Curry this time round using also their premix. It was ok but not fragrant enough. Well what to do since I'm not so hard working to cook from scratch?

The only picture captured is the pumpkin porridge I made for myself for dinner 1 of the nights when I not only go through "My Lonely Lunch" but I also started myself on "My Lonely Dinner". All ingredients from the fridge. Pumpkin, red dates, 玉竹片and 豆干. Quite yummy but the sweetness from the pumpkin was a bit too overwhelming. * Notes to self to reduce pumpkin for XY's porridge. *

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