Thursday, June 5, 2008

2nd last day of renovation work

Getting more and more hopeful. Things are getting done finally.
Everytime we step in, we can see some part of the house done or some worker working on something.
The feeling is much better than the past 4-5 weeks, stepping in only to find that it's in the same state as the last time we had seen it.
I have also invested many a half day leave to supervise the on-going process.
There will usually be a few male workers, sweaty and most of the time topless.
All the workers have a similarity: Malaysian, tattooes and smokers.
Not wanting to stereo-type the blue collar crowd but it's kinda typical that the 2 mentioned elements are popular with them.
Why all Malaysian? Well, I guess Singaporeans are too pampered to take up this kind of job.
Even for the lower educated crowd, I guess they would rather work as service staff in airconditioned shopping centres.
Don't be mistaken. Hubs and me are not high flyers and we never look down on any occupation.
(Just for the record, he's a smoker and I have a tiny tattoo near my left ankle.)
It's sad that our local folks often judge people by if he/she is a smoker or if he/she has a tattoo then must-be-up-to-no-good or good-for-nothing kind of thinking.
I do hope people see things with a bigger heart and stop being so narrow minded.
Anyway I have to go back to topic. Sorry for the slight digression and rant.

Wallpaper up for mbr:

My favourite light (from Lightcraft):

Good uncle from Goodrich re-doing wallpaper on TV feature wall.
Yep. He removed the half side pasted as the bottom part is damaged to due the workers lifted it to silicon the gap in between.
He also discarded the big big pce which was lying on the floor for the past week.
Can tell how CHEAP the cost is!

Ugly unflushed laminate on studyroom desk.
H said is due to laminate different grain and our table too long, have to use 2 sheets of laminate to join.
Very unacceptable lor but he can't do anything about it.

Studyroom desk done. Mirror-door for bomb shelter lying there.
Will be up tmr.

My highly prided mbr full height mirror with mosiac tiles.
Toilet too small. That's the only angle to capture the mirror.
Stainless steel towel rack (Wel Mi) to be mounted above toilet bowl:

Love the chicken trademark:

Kitchen bottom mount light up.
Can't remember which are with flash and without flash.

Looking forward to more work done tmr :)

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