Monday, June 2, 2008

Auntie Jo the murderer!

Hubs mentioned before, we have a neighbourhood "Little India".
Now, we even suffered the same fate as our neighbour: Ants Attack!!!
Been putting it off to speak to our neighbour for some time till one evening I could not take it anymore, I went politely to the female owner to inform her about the ants which were coming from her place.
She's a nice lady and we sometimes chat a little so it was no problem talking to her about this.
But it was her reaction that shocked me!
I reckoned she would have wanted to get rid of the ants once I informed her about it but I was so wrong!
Instead, she said non-chalantly that it's always been like this no matter where she stayed, there will be ants.
DOH! Doesn't she realise this is her problem then?
Then she invited me to go in and take a look and I could see a whole army of ants leading into her kitchen and service yard.
Very very obviously disgusting but no, she has no intention of destroying that army.
And I could see her kitchen floor sticky and dirty with a small splash of dried up gravy or sauce.
After going back to my own unit, I told hubs he should have seen it for himself how dirty and irresponsible our neighbour is.

Anyway, we went to Fairprice the very next day to get some "domestic help".
I was searching through the shelves and saw the word "COMBAT".
Wa damn happy to see this. Sounds very power.
Baygon had this bait thing which I found pretty disgusting and cruel so I got the Combat thingy.
Only after bringing it back then I found out all such traps have baits.
Sorry Bro Ants but you are not welcome in my new home.
You could go over and stay at "Little India" where they have no plans to kick you.

My helpers.
Have not used the trap. Will use it if the problem persists when we shift in.

The aftermath at the corner outside the gate:

Closeup shot. I'm so satisfied with the Baygon spray.

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