Sunday, June 1, 2008

Exhibition at Expo

ASEANPLAS 2008 at Expo the past week.
Not my call to be at the booth but some of us were there for the AM Seminar so conveniently went to Hall 3 to kaypo and loiter a bit.
Response not so good this year. Our booth quite packed but more CAP staff than prospective customers.

Our booth:

My job involves selling spare parts for machines like this.
This is one of the smallest machine we make.
ZSK250 or 300 is about the size of 2-3 rooms!

Rotary valve.
I love selling this. Smaller, easier, short lead time and higher margin.

Me forced Anna to pose with me with the freebie cloth bag which I shamelessly went up to the recept counter to request for.
Dang! This F shoot the pics with ISO1600. Pics so "noisy".

Chocs from Huber (guest speaker for the seminar):
Ya it's only Lindt but so yummy lor.

My exhibitor pass. Me love collecting such stuff :)

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