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Coperion (CAP) Family Day 2008

Warning: Super long post ahead. 7hrs in 3 seatings to complete.

Event of the year in our boring boring office...
Funny it's boring ppl when comes to work but everyone's fun to be with at the Family Day :D.

Day 1: Right after check-in.

Hubs in that buay kam luan face.
Think he not happy la only Aquarius and not Virgo.

Right outside the lift

Room 4151. 4 for Deck 4.
Open the door for surprise.

Super small cabin. IIRC, it's much smaller than Virgo's.
No joking. I'm standing at the back of the door and this is how small the room is.

Safe box for our valuables.
When I open the closet door, it goes back to back with the main door.

Full length mirror behind main door.
Good space planning eh?

Hubs lazing around.

Tiny TV mounted at the corner.
They keep showing the rules of the Casino games.

Notice the bed is those with the metal legs kind.

First hiao pic.
Forced hubs to take it while he's lying down.

Zi Lian Zi Pai.

At least the corridor to cabin on Deck 5 (1 level up) looks nicer.

Room size also bigger. Think this is the type of room we stayed onboard Virgo.

Aiyah I shouldn't complain la cuz all couples allocated the lousy room.
Only those who went with family or more than 2 pax share room then get the better rooms.

Yeah! Finally out for fresh air.
Habourfront office building right behind.
Do I look preggie in this dress?
Marc's wife asked but hubs say not leh.
Not I want to say la but most of my dresses he said preggie except for this one.

Nothing to do. Ship not sailing yet so we went to eat our first meal onboard.
Wa nice number 1818!

The outdoor BBQ restaurant.

First serving.

Dunno why this pic looks machiam super-imposed.

I love my vanilla ice cream.

The singing trio. Nice vocal.
They are Filipina but can sing Theresa Teng's songs, Indian songs (Made In India) and lots of English ballards.
There's a lot of Indian Nationals (IN) onboard and they got crazy when they heard that MII song.

Ha at first we only wanted to have a bite as no lunch before check-in and our group dinner was about 2.5hrs later.
Then some waiter told 1 of the CAPians that we were only allowed to dine at 1 outlet per meal.
Star Cruise will have to charge if we eat at multiple outlets.
We had about 20 of us eating there already and we were kind of taken aback as that meant 2 things:
#1: We could not join our group for dinner at the Chinese restaurant.
We had to join them as it's part of the planned iteniary.
#2: We had to eat our fill now as this is a REAL meal instead of a past-time meal.
It was only about 6pm and bit early for dinner isn't it?

Nice Sam tried to be nice and stood at the side to pre-warn the rest of the group lest they made the same mistake as us.
Haha only to find out at a later part that we were still entitled to the Chinese meal at 830pm as Kim had made a group booking for us.
Sam and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
Firstly, we had stopped the guys from coming to eat and secondly, we had eaten our fill at the BBQ buffet how can we eat again?

Anyway, we went to report at the Chinese restaurant when the time came.

My silly husband with that silly smile.

Food wasn't that great and I could only manage stir-fried celery and some dessert.

Group pic. Uncle Alson and his family and Anna.
Ya I call him Uncle Alson cuz he told his daughter to call me Auntie Jo :D

The lounge place where they organised some games and activities.

INs loved this place and they actively participate in ALL the segments.
They were making such a fool out of themselves that we laughed till out stomach burst so no pics taken :( *LOL*

Day 2: Telematch

Supposed to gather at basketball court at 9am but I set the wrong day so the alarm didn't ring at all.
We were in a way lucky that some IN staying opposite keep yakking away so loudly that it automatically became "free alarm" for us.
Not knowing it was already 8+, I walked towards the door and shouted for them to shut up.
Hubs quite amused that I half awake half asleep can go and scold ppl already.
Anyway, we missed our breakfast and went straight to the games.

Warming up before the game started.
Our big boss in stripes. Mrs boss in sleeveless orange.

My team - Hurricane.
Sam's hubby Du Du Zui.

Passing balloon game.

And we came in FIRST!
Group leader gone mad.

Other teams:

Call for man wearing ladie's shoes, lipstick and carrying ladie's bag.

Shucks! The MU addict me only have lip balm and we kana-ed disqualified.

The finalists:


And Daniel

Daniel's the Winner

Call for a lady wearing a man's tee

Me too slow la. Think Lyn got it.

Oh and there was a call for man carrying a lady.
Hubs caught me by surprise by carrying me and running all the way to the front.
Ya I was super shocked. He never had the strength to carry me up before.
Our group got the points but no one captured that shot!
Think all too shocked or laughing all the way.

Some other game.

Basketball challenge.

Me with the hubby. I love this pic.

After lunch we went to the little Gallery Shop to see the pics taken by the cruise staff.
Bought the one that came with a cute magnet. Cost $10.

The nice envelope to wrap the purchase.

Cowboy and cowgirl. This guy really like to pose hor.

Was already sun burnt after the 2 hours games in the morning.
On Anna's cam:

At the arcade. Was very packed as the place was very small.

Hubs played shooting game with Anna.

Me dunno any games except for that bashing game and they don't have that here so I waited for the childish games.

Bad photography hor.

Bingo game:

Sea view:

Pool view.
Very pathetic little pool shaped like key-hole.
The kids are kinda disappointed. It's 1.8m. No baby pool available.

At night:

With my favourite girl Rachael!

As you can see from pic, I look extremely dark.
Everyone kept exclaiming how sun burnt I was.
I couldn't bear to say it was due to Bronzer Overdose so I kept quiet and agreed. *LOL*

Another shot of my favourite girl.
Alson's girl on the left and BH's girl in the middle.

Some nonsense back in the room.
I adored this signage so much.
Tried to find a way to make the message clearer.

My obedient helper!

We were at the Casino for a while.
I lost $100 on the Roulette game and $10 on Jackpot. Hehe kinda expected la.
Since when I have good gambling luck. But I gotta have a go at Roulette. It's my favourite game.
Was my first time playing Jackpot. Damn boring. Not exciting one.
Then hubs decided to play Black Jack to "recoup" my losses.
Hehe he won about $220+. Just nice he recoup back his own $.

This is the place I went for Foot Massage after the Casino stop.
$45 for 60min which included foot soak with choice of essential oil and servings of choice of beverages.
Was done by a Filipina lady. I didn't enjoy it too well.
Much preferred the Chinatown uncle painful kind. Although quite painful during the process but I feel tension released after every session.
I think I'm mad la. Addicted to pain.

Day 3: Home sweet home

The so-called International Buffet restaurant.
The quality of food is so bleah!
Only good thing is the nice window seats.

Our breakfast. Can be considered the best meal so far.

Normally I don't do this: Post ugly pic of myself.
Un-nice smile, puffy eyes, bad angle.
But I must do it to neutralise a bit.
Above pics too nice already. *LOL*

Goodbye Star Aquarius!
We don't look forward seeing you again.
Hoping your cousin Virgo will be back soon!

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