Monday, June 16, 2008

Curtains completed

The bunch of efficient ppl fro Jimmy Textiles came to install the curtains last Fri.
Yes, I decided, from now on, any Tom, Dick or Harry will be called Efficient Ppl cuz the ppl from PLD are the most disgusting-empty-promise ppl on earth.

Not neccessary for me to post the living room curtains.
(Can scroll all the way down from my previous post to see if you interested.)

Double layer (day/night) curtains for Mbr:

I think it's so pretty and looks so luxurious.
It'll be even better if the room size is a little bigger :D.

I love the view when just getting out from the bath.

This is for covering the ugly hole (done by PLD of cuz).
Pre-owned by D but fits this window nicely.
Jimmy Textiles did a track for me FOC even when I didn't make the curtain with them.

Rolled up. True colour is not as white as pic.


Jas said...

Hi! May I know where you bought the white roman curtain, and how much it is? It's really nice.

pinkdewy said...

Hi, this is not a roman curtain. Have to be rolled up manually and tied up. It's done by a curtain maker but I got it from my fren who don't need it anymore.