Thursday, June 12, 2008

A series of unfortunate of events (Updated 16/06)

#1: Unproportionate use of living room area

Tight space in between cushion settee and sofa.

Much effort required to open the drawers on the utmost right hand side.

Even more difficult to put/take things.

#2: Bedside table too low

Before the mattress was delivered, I did not find it low.
However, our ID already knows the mattress thickness so they should be the expert to gauge the height.
I feel that they should have done a better job by pre-empt us instead of giving me the answer "Oh cuz your mattress too high".
This is crap excuse to me. If really too high how come it fits just nicely under the headboard?
Obviously they had done the height of the headboard per dimensions we provided.

Pic says it all.

Had requested for H to move the drawers up but he later realised that they were GLUED on instead of screwed on so this can't be done.

Edited 13/06/08:

Just realised how blur we were. This is exactly the pic I passed to S in the very beginning.

Very obvious the bedside table should flush with the height of the mattress.
Anyway I informed H about it. I expect him to come up with a good solution for me.
Anyway I already very very kind and easy-going about the headboard (which is nowhere near the one shown in the pic).
If I were the nasty kind, they should change the WHOLE thing ok. Period.

#3: Big hole wrongly drilled on window frame

From far you can't really see it.

Super ugly big hole close-up.

Q: How did this happen?
A: When the aircon man decided to make his own decision to do the aircon trunking in a totally wrong way and thought it is ok to drill onto thw window frame.

#4: Kitchen cabinet wrongly done

Got this pic from renotalk.
Sorry can't remember the owner of this nice kitchen but it's his beautiful sink that inspired me to get the similar one.

Pls take a good look at the shots on the right hand side.

That's how the bottom part of the cabinet under the sink should have been done instead of how they did mine!!!

Sorry I only have these 2 pics and not the front view but I guess it's sufficient to see the fugliness right?

#5: Cloth not enough?

Sorry not hor. This little $ for curtain I still can afford (although a major part of our savings kana-ed by PLD but we still afford a little curtain cloth ok!).
Hubs said we can't fully push the blame to H but he was there when the curtain maker came over to take measurement and we did ask him for opinion and this is the length he told the curtain maker!
Even when H came down to see he also agreed it's too short.
Totally horrendous?
Me very very sad ok. Living room curtain material is kinda special and I so love it but now look at it damn ugly lor.
Ya I know some of you will say not that ugly but once windy the curtain sure fly up and becomes shorter.
This H said he can help to bring to his friend to alter it longer.

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Wenn said...

must ask your ID redo it!!!
is their mistake!!!
money been paid,of cos have the right to get it done!!