Sunday, June 1, 2008

A little bit more done

After all the "promise" of handover on 31st May (except kitchen will delay 1 week), this is what we saw 2 days before the handover.
If you noticed, everything is half done. Very puzzled why they can't complete one thing then go on to the next.
Half half can show they done more work or more hardworking?
Cannot understand why they like to drag and drag which resulted in dragging final payment also.
Btw, all carpentry were done is about 1.5days so tell me what is the difficulty in delivering within promised timeframe?

Wallpaper half done for TV feature wall.

Close up shot to show the texture:

Gap between wallpaper and console. Wonder how they gonna fix this?

Holes on wall due to removing of trunking.
They mount the console on before plastering the wall!
Even if they plaster now, how about the part covered by the console?
Is it can see, plaster, cannot see leave it?
Slipshod can?

Wallpaper half done for mbr but with wrong wallpaper.
Got to remove and re-do. Supposed to be black baroque prints. Not this!

Shelves up opp bed. I repeat. I super love the prints!!

I was the one who gave the carpenter the instructions for the height to mount but S got the cheek to say she's the one who came up to oversee the mounting.
Sorry leh I don't even want to mention I was the one overseeing it.
What for waste my breath arguing over such minor things?
Studyroom desk half done.

Bay window settee:

That's all. No work done whole of fri and sat.
Wonder if they can really deliver their promises this time round *ponders* ?

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