Thursday, June 5, 2008

Still 2nd last day!

Yep you didn't get it wrong. It's still the 2nd last day!
As usual la. No need to say. Delay again.
Nothing much to comment. Only that both Ss (pronounced as Asses. How coincondental and appropriate!) from PLD are super attitude ppl.
Oh and the female S is very PCB. Very bad to dirty my blog with a hokkien vulgar word but it describes her 100%.
Like what ppl say "Fits her to a Tee".
This will be a pics galore post :)
Mirror up outside mbr toilet:

Close-up of the switch. (Image of the worker is from the mirror.)

Getting ready to mount the customised headboard cushion.

Done. I feel like a princess already.
All ready for Sat's delivery of mattress and divan.

More views:

Can see how much I love the headboard?
Interior of 3rd door of my wardrobe.
The drawer-board I requested is finally up.

Just nice for my MU toolbox.

You say, what on earth are those black pcs?

Looks kinda useless to me.

What's this man doing?

Almost done?

It's actually part of the feature wall of the bomb shelter.

Shoe storage inside. Got to place them horizontal to save space.

Much better than the crap S had proposed to us.
Waste of space. Even more malu when the worker suan us 1st time he see this kind of layout.
Then I told him is S suggested not me. Ended up I request to change to straight planks.

Bay window settee cushion up.

Close-up view:

Spare wardrobe in pink room completed.

Oven up:

Sink and tap up on granite table top.

I love my sink and tap!

Stainless steel rod up.

Want to say a big THANK YOU to the nice ppl at Song Cho.
I brought the 80cm rod purchased 2 days ago (without receipt) back to the showroom at PS.
The nice lady Jenny was willing to let me exchange for a shorter rod (balance can exchange for other items).
Had wanted to get the 60cm length but checked with H, 70cm will be better.
Jenny immediately sliced it to the desired length for me. All smiles.
This is what I call good service :)
$60 well spent.
Currently considered all done.
Lacking 1 pce small mirror to tv console, 1 pce full length mirror for common toilet, 1 pce full length mirror for bomb shelter feature wall and 1 pce backsplash glass for kitchen cabinet.
Painting, silicon and minor touch-ups to be done before acid wash.
Tmr evening we should be able to see everything completed and whole flat clean clean.
Also time for final payment.
Jimmy Textiles will be up for curtain installation tmr 730pm.

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Wenn said...

woah!!love the masterbed room!!
so pretty~~