Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shopping day

It was high time we decided... hehehe...
To utilise our Taka voucher!!!
All for the new home of course :D.

Knife set - Full piece stainless steel $74.50
(Pls pardon my poor photography)

Without flash (another mode)

Had wanted to get a lower range of Henkel which is about the same price as this but hubs prefer this as it's one full piece.
Actually he's very kaypoh leh. I'm the one using and he is the one choosing.
One day I make sure he uses what he chose.

We had to get this nice chopping board to go with the knife set. $39.90 before 20% discount.
Looks like very good lor with the anti-bacterial protection.

Cute little litter bin for kitchen refuse. Cheap cheap. $3.60

We also went to B2 Taka Square where they had a major bedlinen and bath sale.
Bought 2 mats for bathroom and some bath/hand towels. Totalling to almost $60.

I so *heart* this towel design. One side of the material feels like baby nappy cloth.
I had one similar material before. Loved it. $9.90 per piece. Very affordable.
Obviously pink one is for me!

Best thing about today's shopping spree: FREE!

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