Sunday, May 9, 2010

Auntie Jo's first Mama's day

We didn't have a big celebration. Just went out for a meal. Our family of 3 :)

It was Mama's day and Mama got to choose what to eat. We went to Tampopo at Liang Court. Been ages since we went there and the newly revamped place is nice. The last time we were there, big part of the mall still under revamp.

Spider roll. Super nice. But very expensive. To me la...

Keith's dinner. I don't know why they place the rice at the other end? Mrs Peter would have failed this presentation without second thoughts. *LOL* Tasted very nice though. Prefer this to Tonkichi which I find very 腻. * If you look carefully can see XY's porridge container on the opposite. I was feeding her. *

My mini chicken shabu shabu with ramen. Very nice. Whoever thought of pairing lettuce with this is a genius. But by the time I was done feeding XY, the flame already half gone so I requested to re-light the hotpot.

Half eaten...


My little Princess with her multiple funny expressions.

As usual pulling her Dad's hair. Or maybe he enjoys her pulling his hair :)

Classic one...

Run out of words to describe... judge for yourself.

Finally my turn to take pic with my Darling. Yeah we all have to shift to that seat cuz of the baby highchair. * Note the stalk of carnation given by the restaurant. *

She was super interested in the carnation.

Not that I wanna show of my armpit but that flower was the thing that could lure her to look towards the camera and she kept snatching it from me!

See, no flower not interested at all.

Test night shot mode with my camera. I think it was very good. For my skills I mean.

Vertical view.

On the way back on NEL. I love this one :))

Other random shots...

My Darling doing her favourite *clap clap*

Thanks to hubby for a nice family day out :)

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