Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Colourful biscuits

Did I mention how much I love my weekly trip to the market at Sengkang Square? I seem to have a new discovery every time I'm there. 1st visit I realised they are opened till late (7pm still opened). 2nd visit I realised the seafood is super cheap compared to Cold Storage. Offhand I remember the large prawns selling at $9/kg. Less than half price of what CS is selling. I usually buy about $7 or $8 worth of red snapper / red grouper and some minced pork (about $4) which is enough to last about 10 days for XY's porridge. The real reason why I go to the market is to buy fish and Indonesian pork for XY's porridge. The advantage of buying fish from market is that you can choose the slice you want and request for the seller to cut into small slices for you. Also, you can't get Indonesian pork from supermarket. They only have Australian. Yesterday's visit, as usual I pass by the provision shop opposite the vegetable stall and I noticed they sell biscuits in tins, just like any other provision shop. But what got me to stop in my steps were the kind of biscuits I used to eat when I was young, at least 20yrs ago. A small round pce of biscuit with scalloped edges topped with a coloured sugared icing. Couldn't help it and went ahead and bought $1 worth of it. It tastes exactly the same as I remembered it to be :)

I finished those within minutes!

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