Saturday, May 29, 2010

Eat-with-your-family Day

According to my dear husband, it was supposed to be Eat-with-your-family Day on Thurs, 27/05 and the office will have an early release at 5pm. I was out during the day (shopping with my Beanie) and rushed home at about 5pm. Thought my hubby will be back soon but waited and waited... He reached home at almost 7pm. Chey what early release?? He said he had a case to do so had to finish then can go home.

Anyway to fulfill the "theme" of the day, I die die cooked up a simple meal with the help of my good friend: CP wanton. *LOL*

Shrimp wanton 粿条汤 for him.

Mine with cherry tomatoes.

Notice the new bowls? Yes, I specially bought them for noodle soup times :)

As an added bonus for my dear husband, I attempted to make red bean soup. I have to stop him from buying it from the stall downstairs. Homemade red bean soup is sooooo cheap and easy to do. What an ugly pic I took...

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