Friday, May 14, 2010

Little Beanie first time lunch out with Mummy

As the title suggests, she's having her lunch out. Home-cooked rice porridge in a hot Thermos container that is :)

We were on the way to Central to meet Auntie Den and this little girl is hungry. Her usual lunch time is about 12-1230pm.

Came across this newly opened organic shop which not only sells organic products but also serves healthy meals so we decided to have our lunch there.

Shop name is "Real Food and Beverage".

Nice menu

Little Darling sitting quietly while Mummy checks out the place.

Gave us a cozy feeling upon entering.

Denise had mushroom noodles. She said it was good.

Mine fried brown rice. Very nice. Much exceeded my expectations. I could never make a fried rice this yummy and neither does it taste like the typical zi char taste. Only thing is that it was a bit oily.

Dumpling soup to share. Soup was a tad too saltish but we loved the dumplings. Pls note this place does not serve complimentary iced water and everything served on the menu are meatless.

Beanie very interested in Auntie Den's lanyard. Nothing unusual...

Yeah! Finally a full length pic with my gal :)

We had the whole table to ourselves. How cool is that! Love that "privacy". The seats on the upper level were kinda cramp.

This Auntie likes to take self-shots with Beanie.

Organic grocery section but I think their variety is very small. Think their main focus is on food. For wider selection of organic food, I prefer Four Seasons at City Square.

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ferinesok said...

izzit nice? been there b4 but never try the food