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Beanster family outing April 2010

Nearly missed the April issue of outing. Daddy applied leave for Sean Lau's photoshoot actually but I took it for granted can book last minute only to find out the earliest available slot is on 8th July!!! Sigh... by this time XY is already almost 1yr old. Will she still look cute when being placed into a flower pot? Hope so since she is still so petite.

So, we had a free day and just nice coincide with the opening of the new IR; Marina Bay Sands so I bugged K to bring us there. So happy and I prepared all the baby stuff from the moment I woke up. All ready to go at 11am when just minutes before going, K received call from work that something was down and he had to solve it with some help from his colleagues remotely. Sad, sad, super sad! So XY was put to sleep while I waited and waited till I felt like crying. Not trying to act cute or act pampered but it was for 4hrs!!! And it was XY's 9 month old day which I wanted the family to go out celebrate together. Instead, we were stucked at home. Poor XY... she had cereal for breakfast. I didn't prepare lunch since I thought we were heading out so she had cereal again. Although not very willingly. Ya dodged left and right... Then finally at about 4pm+ when we could finally leave, I decided it was too late to prepare porridge and so I prepared another round of... CEREAL for her dinner! Poor XY. 9 month old birthday and all she got was cereal. This was when I realised Happy Bellies brown rice cereal is so thick compared to Healthy Times'. 6 tbsp of HT after mixing with bm is like almost nothing while 6 tbsp of HB is like all thick and gooey. Imagine I poured at least 100ml of bm to mix and still cannot fully dissolved. Anyway XY was very restless since she did not have a good nap during the day so she ate very little of HB cereal.

Actually I think I'm the one who "helped" k solve the problem. You see, I was contemplating whether or not to put XY's laundry in the washer since early morning but I kept thinking maybe not since we are leaving soon. Then came the call to K for that problem. So once again I was thinking maybe I should do it then but back of my mind again thinking: Ok, maybe the problem will be solved soon so I will do it later in the evening after reaching home. This "want or don't want" been inside my mind for few times till I finally decided to put the laundry in. Was thinking nevermind, let it spin. I'll turn off the washer when we get back. Who knows, less than 5min after I started the cycle, K suddenly announced that problem is solved and we can go. Shit right?? So I told him it was all my doings and he asked me why didn't I do so earlier? hehe...

We had loads of pics taken on this day...

Darling all dressed up... waiting for Daddy since her morning bath.
XY looks so grown up in this pic.

Trying to meddle with my pump tubing while Daddy busy working in the background.

Donald Duck face which I love :)

Trying to kill time and decided to pose XY on the panton replica.

On Circle Line. Ya better take the train. The parking was an exhorbitant $8/hr at Sands. CL is so cool. We only had to change once at Serangoon interchange and alight at Promenade station and take a slow 10-15min walk to Sands.

XY is clearly not in the mood... always grouchy when not enough sleep.

The first impression of Sands Resort. Lots of construction on-going.
Oops... wrong mode. Too bright.

Don't know what mode but this is much better.

View from middle of Helix bridge.

The Helix bridge. So beautiful and K had to say "What if it rained?"
Total spoiler...

Ah... the interesting part. Crowds of ppl at the casino entrance. There was even an uncle who asked the casino staff to snap a pic of himself standing at the entrance. *LOL* We stood there for a few minutes. Wanted to see who took out I/C or passport and $100 from wallet but seems like no one. There were so many self-service kiosks to pay the levy but all empty.

Was a mistake to come here afterall. Only about 20 or 30% of the shops were opened. The rest were still under renovation. I pity those SAs who stood outside the shops awaiting customers cuz clearly no one came specially to buy stuff like jewellery or watches. Worst of the worst, no F&B outlet available. Only the hotel restaurant or longue was open and we weren't keen to try it. The other one open was the high-end atas Chinese restaurant which was fully booked anyway.

A rare family pic which I still cannot understand why the nice person who took it for us had to like squat down to take it. Very bad angle.

Funny 四连拍 of Daddy with XY:

Hehe... at least mine is better :)

Dinner was at Ma Maison's Parco Millenia Walk.
The girl in her special seat as usual.

I ordered this.

Ya her name is 叶湘颖 but she has no relation with 叶问 so pls don't come asking me how come she knows 咏春拳. *LOL*

Stuffing herself with Teddy Puffs while I was mixing cereal for her.

Sigh... can't sit still even for a moment.

My dinner is served. Love the dip for the tonkatsu (not in pic).
The katsu is quite fatty. I didn't really like it.

K's seafood paella. Super nice. Think this is a popular dish? The couple beside us ordered this too.

Enjoying it...

Why are there 2 scoops of ice cream?
The black sesame ice cream came with my tonkatsu set. The vanilla flavour was complimentary for Mummies. Ma Maison has this pro-family policy that the Dad gets a glass of beer while Mum gets a scoop of ice cream. Cool concept and we didn't even request for it. The wait staff just gave it to us. K requested to switch the glass of beer to... apple juice. He's not into any alcoholic drink at all (although I think he likes Lychee Martini). Who said a smoker drinks? :)

You bring the key to the counter for bill.

I like the new eating area at Millenia Walk.
Bean very sian by then...

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