Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mama's day out

Once a week, I drop XY off with my dad on a weekday afternoon and I go off to have a bit of "ME" time. My "ME" time does not last very long, usually about 3-4hours and I'm back to my old self. I can't say how glad I am for this time of the week. Well, this week I went for my supposedly-monthly session of pedicure (I don't cut my own toe nails). Not trying to act tai-tai here but that's like my only form of indulgence and I watch a DVD movie every time I go there so it's like 1 stone kill 2 birds kind of activity. Not forgetting the massage chair (albeit quite rundown by now) the nail place has. I love going to this nail place cuz of 2 things: my manicurist, Germaine who does the most thorough job and always remembers my regular nail colour (that could be not a so good thing cuz sometimes I point to a certain colour and she would remind me I have already used it before. I could point to several colours and she telling me the same thing till I decide ok a repeat colour is fine!) and my regular drink and the cozy environment which can be a little too dark at times and you can't see very clearly the nail polish colour till you leave the place but it's ok for me cuz I'm not particular about my nail colour. I just need to neaten my toenails and have my feet scrubbed. Nail colour does not matter that much to me. 1 more good thing is that the manicurists here don't make small talk nor pester you to top up for anything extra. They leave you in peace to watch movie or take a small nap. I really love this nail place except for the aging massage chairs. Feedback quite a few times to Germaine and she always replied "They are expensive to change". Well, give me a "normal" chair in good condition than a rundown massage chair anytime.

Anyway, after my pedi I popped into a hair salon downstairs and changed my hairstyle totally. I only wanted to shorten it but the stylist kept asking if I wanted a bob. Ok, fine. I'm very 随便 these days with low expectations and have totally stopped pointing to hairstyle magazines for haircut. The cut was really short. Much shorter than I expected. The hairstylist asked if I was afraid, she could do it "less obvious". Heck, since is already like that then go all way out. I told her just cut anything she wants I don't mind. I was quite pleased with my new hair. May go back in a few weeks' time to trim to keep it.

Ended my "ME" time by going down to the #32 place to collect my watch. A hefty $220 for overhaul and change of battery but the watch sure shone and looks good as new :)

My new hairstyle... quite flat by then. Pics taken at the end of the day.

With my little Darling...

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