Saturday, May 1, 2010

The girl who keeps Mummy busy during the day

The bouncer, besides serving as a tool for strapping XY up during her meal time (bouncer works better than highchair), also serves as a "support" tool. These days, basically any stationary object is a support tool for XY who is very keen on standing. Even if me or Hubby seated on the floor can be her tool! XY still relies on support very much.

The afternoon Mummy was fb-ing with Auntie Yvonne and the little girl who decided to cut short her afternoon nap keep making noise outside so Mummy put her next to Mummy in the study room.

Teddy puffs seemed to do the trick :) but Mummy could not capture any clear shots. Little girl kept moving around.

She loves doing "clap clap" now.

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