Sunday, May 23, 2010

Beanster family outing May 2010

How I miss the days (before having XY) that we could go out any time of the day without having to do much preparations... These days we have lots of stuff to do before going out. I mean ME of course! We usually wait till XY wakes up from her pm nap, bath/change her and out we go. I personally don't like her to miss her pm nap (she might have difficulty sleeping in her pram) cuz she could get cranky early in the evening and that is no good for us. So the preparation starts about 2hrs before we are ready to go. I cook her porridge and transfer it to our good old trusty Thermos container. Porridge is still piping hot when served. The purpose of going down to town was to show K my dream C bag. Ok he doesn't really appreciate it a lot but I'm quite sure he could see the difference between lambskin and caviar (calf leather). As usual, K commented that black does not suit me. That's fine cuz I wasn't about to go for black either. Can you guys believe it? Beige medium flap in caviar gold hardware was actually sold out! It retails at a good whopping SGD4330 for god's sake and I'm not about to buy the bag locally. Buying a promotion plane ticket to Paris and staying a night at a budget hotel would probably be cheaper than buying it locally. Can see how overpriced it is in SG?? Anyway I asked the SA when would the stocks come in (I'm seriously itching for it) and they had no idea. If I wanna, I could put my name on the waitlist which I've read on some forums they don't call you back unless you put a big deposit for it. So I questioned the SA how sure it would be that I leave my name on the waitlist I could get the bag. She said they were quite a few names already and they weren't sure how many pcs arriving nor when. So putting my name on the list does not mean I could get it on the next shipment? She challenged me by saying that is a regular item, not limited, so it's not so bad blah blah. Yeah since it's a regular item how could it go out of stock and how can they not know when is the next shipment arriving and how many pcs? Crap! Somehow I suspect she's keeping something from me and the price increment could be somewhere soon. Read on cozycot the price increment in EU is next month. Could be 10%. Scary!

Um.. ok back to the happy family thingy before I go too far again. It was sheer bad luck for us. On the way out, K was like dreaming or something and went the long way (again!) and we spent some extra petrol travelling some extra distance which made us arrive even later and we left home at almost 530pm. Reached Orchard, cannot find parking lot. The one at International Building raised the fee by more than 2 times. Nevermind that. Go in can't find a single lot. Realised their machine faulty, full still allow entry. Wasted time to get the right person-in-charge and spend time find other parking place. Gosh why is it soooo hard to get a lot? When we finally done, it was time for dinner. I wanted to go to the food court at ION. Was a good thing we did cuz XY kind of cranky and made a lot of noise. Kept shouting and yelling for don't know what reason. If this happened at a packed restaurant, we would have been asked to leave. I'm sure.

XY seated in a silly Rubbermaid highchair which was so low it was hard to feed her from where I was sitting.

Me having the MOST delicious 海鲜汤 ever served in a food court. They even have 粿条 which I initially thought I could offer some to XY after she finished her porridge but then I realised the soup is seafood so she shouldn't have any.

Pls! A whole scallop. I bet this is the only stall in SG that does it. The whole thing is so yummy and it's only $4.80!!!

Ran out of cloth bibs and brought along a disposable one which even has this velcro thingy exactly like those cloth types. I'm impressed. The little one machiam like looking for her long-lost Dad.

Can't remember what she was doing. Pretending to cough or puke or something...

Little XY was very interested in the family seated next to us. Also very interested what the 姐姐 was having.

XY: "姐姐 your 油条 looks very delicious, could I have some pls? My Mummy is very evil. She cooks my meals without any seasoning and oil. My food is so bland :(."

XY: "Mummy, you are still the best. The 姐姐 doesn't understand what I'm talking, unlike you."

Suddenly at about 9pm this girl fussed a little and I popped her her favourite soother. She fell asleep in the pram. Woohoo!

What a rare sight that I immediately had to snap a pic of it. We were back at the carpark and preparing to head home then.

Upon reaching home, she suddenly sprung to life. Anything that is within her reach is not spared.

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