Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dinner last night

Anyone watches the cooking competition show hosted by Mark Lee 我要当食神? I try to watch it every week. Either the 8pm one or the repeat at 1230am. The contestants come up with a simple dish they create on their own according to the ingredient of the week. Very interesting show and I always try to copy 1 or 2 recipes. The super easy ones la. So this week's ingredient was: chicken wings. 1 of the ingredients I use most often in my cooking cuz it was the easiest to get and my silly husband likes it very much. 1 of the contestants used 当归(I think I got the characters wrong) and I decided to use it for my dish too.

My 当归 mid-joint wings. Quite nice but should have steamed it about 5-10min longer.

Proud of my new creation :)

The veggie dish (stir-fired cabbage) was not worth a mention. Same boring kind of veggie dish as always...

Ending my post of a "unisex" pic of my little Darling.
She loves crawling into the study room and stand here to disturb the box. I don't know what's inside the box. Can my dear husband pls enlighten me?

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