Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monday dinner

I should start a series called Monday dinners since I cook dinner almost every Monday.

Bought dried abalone slices from 福华 and made an impromptu decision to cook this soup. I'm not sure is it called ABC soup. I used 2 slices dried abalone slices, 3 pcs dried scallops, 2 medium potatoes, 1 medium carrot and 2 chicken drumsticks for about 2litres water. Gosh the soup is very flavourful and don't even have to add salt to taste. Tastes exactly like mum-cooked. I even scooped 1 small bowl for XY and reserved 1 big bowl for her porridge base for the following day. She loves the soup so much (just like me!) and her porridge for today smells so good. Should I make it my signature soup then? * Dilemma cuz my chicken white fungus soup also very yummy * What what? Who said I thick skin? Soup is easy to make what.

My ABC soup. Potato obviously overcooked but still nice anyway.

Cabbage stew. Ingredients are the same heroes present in my famous cabbage rice. Why do I say famous? Cuz I cooked cabbage rice 2 times in 2 weeks. Haha. The heroes are long cabbage, pork belly (bought from market stall, cooked) and dried shrimps. Itchy hands me added mushroom slices for the stew and made it taste a bit strange. Wonder is it the problem of the mushrooms not very tasty or this dish tastes better without it.

Above portion was mine cuz not very hungry at that moment.

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