Thursday, May 29, 2008

Winky WINK ;)

After one day of carpentry, the work suddenly stopped.
Wasted my half day leave but at least S finally came to meet us and discuss some things.
Hubs left after a short while. He sneaked out from work for a while.
After S and H left, I had abt 2 hrs to spare while waiting for hubs to knock off.
Wa how nice if this could happen everyday (or more often la) then I can be housewife and cook dinner.
Ok la let me dream a bit can?

Anyway Wink decal for kitchen door arrived in the afternoon.

I love the Dandy design.
Order from webbie is $69 with free delivery.
If buy from shop is $75 and self-collect.
Of course I chose the former la.

The 2 hr quite hard to pass leh.
I went loitering at Hougang Mall. Super boring place but very near to hubs new workplace and our new home.
We had no place to go and didn't want to go back Atrina so I suggested go to Ikea.
Final time to browse before we decide what to buy there.

As usual la. My husband must have a funny finale for the day one.

Was passing by this rack of cute vases and I commented that the vases so cute and cheap and in my favourite colour I wanna buy and put at dining table.

The husband replied "That's not a vase la. It's for shampoo isn't it?"
Haha... I had a good laugh :))

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