Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My neighbour condition.... Gosh....

There is one night, i brought my cousin to my lovely home to show him the actual layout of my unit.

Gosh, havent shift in, already seeing the walkway packed with bicycle, plants and rubbish that cannot be stored inside their unit.

I was, oh god damn shit, i am going to live beside them for the rest of my live, given an estimation of 5 years, if have the financial, i will shift out.

KNN, i am not racist, but just cant stand to see our shared walkway become a rubbish den.

If i complain to HDB, wah, like that laggy worst, sure no neighbourhoodship, keke, public enemy.

Not only they shit-ted the entire walkway, it seems like their entire family included grandma/dad, auntie and whatsoever all living under one roof, so damn noisy.

Argh.... guess i dont need to fix a curtain blind liao, since the noise already forcing me to close my main door. Why bother to spend extra cash. keke

Sigh... Black skin.... TMD

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