Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Reno starts today!

Post by wifey:

Day 1

Was supposed to start yesterday but electricity and water not up yet.
Hubs very efficient. Got the appt date very quickly. SP services even more efficient.

Kudos to Mr Teo (of SP services) who arrived earlier than the appt time and activated for us even when we were not around.

What was I doing during this time?

At Denise's place waiting for the plumber to un-install the water heater and stove then they move over to my unit.

Water meter:

Water storage heater installed in common bathroom:
(Yes too soon to be installed but it makes no sense to leave it there so the plumber did his job)

When I arrived at our unit, there's a brown/square package on the floor outside.
Open up and saw the mosiac tiles we selected on Fri.

So excited. So pretty. Ok la. Quite class also :p

Without flash:

With flash:

Still dunno what I'm using it for right?
Pics coming on next post.

Actually we a bit disappointed with the high charges.
We being charged this amount but actual only 12pcs required.

The charge is quite shocking ok. Anyway tmr I will call S and ask her so few pcs why charge us so much.

Some electrician ppl came by to do a little electric work.
It's something to do with the tiles. (Again reveal later :))

It was almost 5pm after all done and I was left alone waiting for hubs and Denise to come.
I locked the main door and starting reading my book when some ppl came again.

They were doing base for fridge, kitchen cabinet and washer.

Raw materials

Guys at work in kitchen

For fridge base

Base done at sink area

Today also marks the grand opening ceremony of our MBR toilet bowl :)

No need to go BK MRT or coffeeshop anymore dude!
More pics coming up.

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