Sunday, April 13, 2008

Some Essential Electrical Appliances for the House

Post by wifey:

Been lurking in Best Denki, Harvey Norman, Courts, Audio House and even neighbourhood shops for the past few months.

I really must applaud HN for the superb service they provided.
Generally most of our experiences at HN branches are good.

Firstly, they serve with a genuine smile/attitude.
They never give you a Manhatten Onceover (if you read Shopaholic series, you'll understand).
HN management really bothers to send their staff for proper product training.

There is no question that the SA cannot answer. Even if the product does not belong to his/her dept, he will politely ask another SA to take over.

They are not pushy at all and best of all they are patient enough to guide you along the product features and truly understand your needs before recommending other models.
We spent a long time (possibly close to an hour) on our previous visit at Millenia Walk branch and ended up not buying.

The SA (Miss Jasmine Chan) gave us a polite smile when we told her we need to do more research.
Being the super auntie me, of course I asked if they could match the price of neighbourhood electrical shops :P

Today hubs and I went down again. We thought since we were around the vicinity, we might as well pop by and hubs was anxious to confirm some critical items so that we could give S the dimensions early.

So we bought these:

Hubs had wanted Fisher & Paykel 402 but the nice SA (randomly find also nice one!!) rec this to us. She said this is better performance and more practical to use. F&P only looks nice from outside.
We saved $100+ you know. You see how I cannot stop praising HN staff?

Hitachi Refrigerator R-S37SVS (RRP: $1099)

Dimension: (WxHxD, mm) 590 x 1798 x 615

Electrolux Washer EWF1084 (RRP: $1219)
Sure cannot get this price elsewhere. 100% confirm + chop!
They had a special promo price BUT.... still gave us discount on top of that!

Dimension: (WxHxD, mm) 600 x 850 x 590

Novita Garment Steamer SS-16i (RRP: $245)

We got super special price for these 3 items. Cannot post here.. hehe
Anyway the price too special till we cannot opt for installment. We paid 20% downpayment. Balance is COD.

Passed by a small shop which specialise in eyebrow embroidery and lip tattoo (I think).
Saw this really nice hanging light. Hubs very funny he said go in and ask them where they got it.
Crazy or not?
Being the clever me, of course I don't do silly things like this la.
I snapped:

Just bring the pic to lighting shop should be easy to find... hehe
Planning to put this in MBR. Nice hor?

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