Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another visit to showroom

Post by wifey:

Scheduled paintwork to start coming week but still no receive email from S.

No choice but to go down yet another time on a Fri evening.

Colours of proposed paint is quite nice. Quite 王禄江 but a bit boring and "too proper" kind. All ICI colours. Imagine whole place already black and white then the paint also so matching one. I managed to change 1 wall colour to PINK. Can understand my joy?? Finally comes my colour!
Ceiling will all be white.
Can't wait for next week. Will be very very busy then.
I want to be KS and confirm my sofa colour soon. Must make a trip to FM soon.

I didn't bother to take pics of proposed paint colour since it's just some stickers and the colour not so accurate.

Can only remember the pink for "my" room (that is until hubs makes a mistake la but have to be a girl since the paint is pink), lavender mist for living room and some gray colour for study room.

Coloured pics finally:



Living room

Study room

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