Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why JVC...

Why i choose JVC? It was inherited by my dad.

When i was a boy, my dad bought a JVC audio system which costs him more then 1k.
Well, i know 1k is nothing at this century.

Maybe, how about in the year of 1980, isnt 1k considers very expensive. The Audio system has served my dad for more then 15 years, the best part is, the speakers is still in my room functioning perfectly.

Some people asked me, how come JVC, why not Samsung or other brands? I understand the logic behind it after my recently visit at IT Fair.

One example:

One of the JVC Representative hinted me, Samsung is not a really technology electronic, but just gimmicks to attract customers, by buying a Samsung TV, you will get this and that for FOC. Also, he told me if i have noticed, Samsung seldom demostrate their technology infront of customers.

Keke, my wife and i purposely walked over to Samsung counter, indeed, they never demostrate anything, but just explaining the benefits and calling for FOC.

On the other hand, JVC demostrated the entire JVC technology and proven to me.
He managed to convince me, therefore, i have placed an order with him.

One of my old friend knowing me that i have bought a JVC system, he proclaimed that the audio will detoriate. In my mind, i accept his comment, but i wont believe him totally as my dad audio system speaker is still functioning so well, and it is like more then 20 years.

Every system will detoriate, even a human will die.

-- JVC LCD TV, a Full HD TV.

For technology wise, i dont go for HD Ready cause technology advance very quickly, dont stay back, always ahead of it.

-- Home Theatre System

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