Monday, April 28, 2008


Everyone knows about the SK II 神奇水 wonders right.
Me also la. Used a few bottles when I was younger but dropped it when I found no significant improvement.
Not to mention the high cost la. Always had to wait for Metro 20% to buy leh.
See how thrifty I am? hehe...

Anyway I just wanted to share my experience for the most most expensive facial treatment I have ever done in my life.
There was this promo in Urban last month for $50 off facial service at SK II spa.
Of cuz I can't let myself down and had to try it right.

Upon entering, I was asked to fill up a questionaire. A 香香 tea was served. Seriously the aroma of the tea tasted like some kind of essential oil but it wasn't bad enough to put me off.
Subsuquently, I was intro to my therapist, Denise.
She brought me to a room and used a kind of equipment (sorry I dunno what it's called) to "scan" my skin surface.

Not the first time I'm seeing it la but everything I also quite scared cuz can see how badly clogged my pores are, especially at jaw bone area.
Don't ask me why there. Besides the nose, this is the most congested part.
After analysing my skin, she told me I have oily/combination skin, slightly clogged pores and dehydrated skin.
My concern was more on clogged skin so she intro me to do the Skin Refining Facial.

The price is OMG $100 after discount for a 60min job. I know is SK II la but still very very ex to me.

Overall experience was good but I find the massage part too little. Maybe it's due to the 60min time frame.
The mask part was a little letdown for me. They just used a SK II facial treatment sheet mask which I seriously can just buy off the shelf and use it at home lor.
Take it on the bright side it was a good chance for me to try the mask (since it's so expensive that I won't even buy to try).

Denise was surprised I could take the pain very well during the extractions.
Pls lor I can endure any pain for the sake of beauty. Even AK pain I also can tahan leh.
One of the best parts is they provide a goose down and feather duvet instead of towel blankets.

Comment on therapist:
She's a little too chatty for my liking but very very friendly and attentive kind.
Quite hard-sell eventhough most forumers said they are not.

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