Saturday, April 12, 2008

Plush Living Package...

Basin is the missing item, but anyway, the brand is Ariston.


Well, wife quite satisfied with black, but Designer and i did give her an idea that the kitchen table top is black granite, unfortunately, only white can bring up the colour.

Stainless steel, i have deny cause it is damn ugly.

-- White Tempered Glass Hob

-- Black Tempered Glass Hob

-- Stainless Steel Hob


Only one option when we drop by Cuizino showroom, as the rest of the Hod is quite expensive and have exceeded our package condition.

Aiya, woman dream kitchen must have all this crap things la. sigh. I personally feel that with an Oven around, make sure my wifey really utilize it, ah bo, i sure make noise one.


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