Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Casement vs Sliding door for wardrobe...

I personally like sliding door, partly is because the room will look neater, and lesser space consumed. Casement door to me, seems bulky once open, yucks....

My wifey said, casement door can open widely on both side and is easier to retrieve clothes from both side, which i agree too, however, normally, we will place those always wear clothes on one side, where the other side is for non often wear.

Moreover, if you refer to the image uploaded, both side of the wardrobe is a piece of wall, with casement door, the door will flush with the wall, which looks ugly and is a bit troublesome to close the door.

Having the fingers to slide into the slit and close the door, overall, i let my wifey decide la, since she insisted casement door.

This is the place to build the wardrobe (casement or sliding)

If casement, you will see the wall, which the casement door will flush against the wall.

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