Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fan Fan Fan... Ceiling Fan

Remembered i have posted my favourite designer Ceiling fan.. Kao, the price is fantastic, to minimize the damage, we have decide to dump our idea.

Last Friday, we dropped by Elmark and saw our dream ceiling fan, due to the price, we decide to look around....hey, i saw this nice one, and my wifey also like it.

Made our payment and have concluded our ceiling fan at home.

We gotten a very good price and was offerred with an LCD Remote control Unit, but wifey wants to reduce a bit, so we took the stock Remote control Unit (no LCD). Pui..

By the way, just $38 cheaper nia. haiz..

Have do a search on the website, and found the actual image...
We will be shortening the rod, too long makes it damn ugly.


Wenn said...

this is very nice fan!!
where is the shop which you buy??
thank you..


pinkdewy said...

Wenn... are you from cc?
Pinkdewy here. I saw you are renovating ur new place too?
Fan from Elmark. Their showroom at Ubi. Cost is $600.

Wenn said...


thanks..will go and see the fans

i also doing the house reno now..busy busy...keke..