Sunday, April 13, 2008

Finalised design for our Love Nest

Post by wifey:

We specially applied leave to go down to ID's showroom to select colours for wallpaper, laminates and mosiac tiles.
The MT is only a small portion la. Not going to reveal where it will be yet... hehe
Stay tuned for our reno progress to know :P

We don't have any theme but it seems that most of the colours proposed by S is either black or white.
Not a bad thing la but very hard to choose cuz most of the colours I chose, she rejects.
Actualyl I told S I don't want the whole place to be BLACK and WHITE but she said must be like that then will look class.
Really meh?

Her fav statement to me:-
Me: (points to a laminates colour/wallpaper design) Can or not?
S: 可以,不过不美咯.

Haha.. S is such a funny lady. Very nice to work with.
Hubs can really click with her. Whatever concept I come up with, both of them sure got the same thing to say me.
Haha sometimes I'm wondering Hubs in my side ppl or her side ppl.

--Master Bedroom

Anyway here's the drawing of MBR. I LOVE the wallpaper. Always wanted this kind although Sis said it may be a little too "cold".
Headboard design is not like this. S will do the design I like in coloured drawing.
Hopefully can be ready by next week.
And yeah!!! I get to do my casement door wardroom. I designed the interior layout.

Just nice for my makeup toolbox.

--Living room:

Super hard time choosing the wallpaper ok.
S almost gave up on me. No choice la 1st time doing wallpaper of course want to choose a nice one la.
Chosen wallpaper is textured white/off-white.

--Study room:

Hubs pce of heaven. Design/layout ok?
At first S proposed the top shelves with doors but I wanted to change to open shelves.

Today Hubs told me an unfunny joke.
He said he will sit nearer to the window so that when I'm approaching the room, he can throw the ciggie butt out of the window.
Denise told him $200 FINE!

Haha this sounds more funny to me :)

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