Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Coloured" final drawing

No reno done after Day 1!

Very slow right?

No choice. According to S, they called HDB officers to come up to our unit to rectify some defects.
Hubs so KS he called HDB dunno how many times to check.
Anyway I cannot be bothered with such things.
This type of things throw to hubs to do la. *snigger*

We finally got to see the coloured drawings.
Haha a bit of joke la. They just used those old drawings and coloured them.
Those things we don't want still there. Very obvious they are just recycling the old drawings right?

Btw, today I brought up to S how come the tiles cost so little and she charge us soooo much.
She said the tiles very very ex blah blah and she nearly did it labour-free. I was almost fooled by her.

My understanding of 1 foot is 12 by 12 inches. Pls correct me if I'm wrong :)
Her explanation to me of 1 foot is super super small. (Looks like 9cm by 9cm)
Anyway hubs and me always like under her spell in her showroom so we always agree with her inside there.

I'm planning to go back to the tiles shop one day to check with the ppl there what's the real meaning of psf.

If I find out that she is lying to me, I'm going to bring up again.
See what else she can throw in for me.

Come on I mean if you want to earn from me of cuz I understand but if the tiles cost $xxx and you charge me $xxx.

That's a clear cut profit of abt x00% (excluding labour cost la but will the labour cost be very high if the tiles are up within 20min?)!!!

If we dunno about the pricing still not so bad. But we saw the cost price of the tiles and we saw how many pcs used.

Why should we keep quiet and let you earn x00%??

OK enough of my boring rant with no pics.

More later.

ETA: Post edited to protect ID interest.

1 comment:

Wenn said...

careful in chosing!!if you reno is package!!
must ask if ok to chose up to $3.50 tiles!!
as all those $2 tile design really cant make it..and wont last..

and size!!!

my is package reno.so all the tiles,ID let us chose up to $3.50 tiles...