Monday, April 14, 2008

Presenting Atrina's very own Little India...

Remember my previous post regarding our neighbour, really hopeless, and they have ruin my living standards.

Although we have not officially shifted into our unit, but still dont wish to see any disturbance by our neighbour.

Look what have they done before shifting in.

While you are walking towards our unit, you will see a small plantation, and a mini rubbish chute

Coming to the end of the mini rubbish chute, you turn right, and what do you see next?
A ladder and clothes hanging right outside our doorway.

Isnt it very ridiculous? I am going to confront them when i see them at home, I am also not expecting all this disturbance after i have shifted in.

If it happens again, i will not hesitate and call rubbish cleaners to throw all the clothes, ladder and rubbish chubb away.

I think most likely we are going to have public enemy soon.

Hip Hip Hooray, Little India........... :O

View from our main door, don't you find the sight ridiculous?
Right in front of my door *faint*

However, i do notice that my neighbour are not really living in the unit yet, cause the day we took this image was a raining day, while heading home, i noticed their windows is not closed.

I am suspecting the clothes are hanged by the contractor.
At this point of time, i take it as temporary KIV complaints.

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