Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Sale worth waiting for...

It really took us some effort to find the ideal sheets for our mattress.
Ha 2 blur sotongs just confirmed the Queen size mattress without finding out the thickness.

Luckily we went to the showroom to measure all dimension for the carpentry works.

It was only then we realised the thickness is 16".
It's not that tough to find the sheets but regular brands like Aussino only makes up to 14" size.
It happened to be Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day on the 1st day of Robinsons sale.

I was all hyped up and excited. Can eat free ice cream and shop at the same time.

But sotong us didn't check the timing and by the time we went to B1, just nice to see ice cream station close shop.
Up we went to the home linen section at Robinsons then.

Compared to Metro, Isetan and Tangs, the variety is really great.

I have never ventured in Taka's home linen section so I could not compare but I always have this impression that Taka's pricing is way over.
Hubs was not really interested in this kind of stuff and keep giving me that kind of patronising look when I asked him to feel the material.
Then we saw this Jean Perry cotton sateen sheets (which we nearly bought on in Metro) at a super super special price.

Original price is $285 for a complete set of Queen sheets + 2 pillow cases + 1 bolster case & 1 comforter case. Metro was having 30% off, which already a damn good deal.
Robinsons is giving additional 20% off!!!
Weeee..... that got the hubs interested. He was like "Ok buy buy".

We were offered an additional sheet for 50% off ($67.50) with our purchase so we grabbed it as well. We also saw this Kinu brand which Jeanne was telling me the abt the other day.

I LOVE the baroque prints (which is a bit overkill since our wallpaper also baroque).
Anyway before we confirmed the JP set, I already learnt that the sheets fit up to 15" only so it's out for us.

It was only after getting the additional sheet that I realised that I should get the Kinu comforter cover.
Yipee! $60+ after discount.
Happy family (Top left: JP set, Top right: JP sheet, Bottom: Kinu comforter cover)

Despite the long Q, we also got a Queen comforter. Needless to say, also big discount.

While Q-ing, hubs saw a kettle "forsaken" in a nearby wagon and he casually asked if I wanted it.
Hm... he was quite against the conventional kettle initially and kept insisting on a electric kettle.

Dunno what came over him. Anyway we grabbed a new box in a rush. Saved us a kettle-shopping trip.

We like this kettle cuz the of capacity 3.3 litre. Big enough for me the 水桶... hee

Last but not least, how can I miss the opportunity to stock up on my essentials?

Don't say until stock up la buy 1 bottle only... hee

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