Wednesday, May 28, 2008

1st day Carpentry up

So happy finally can see full force work for once.
Total 5 workers on the job leh. Plus 1 or 2 ppl up for some measurement.

Full length TV console. Don't really like the black stripes laminate now.
looks very different from the small piece of sample.
The drawers are pearlised colour.

Cushion settee. Just the wood frame for now. Same laminate as TV console.
Cushion will be up on Thurs or Fri.

Feature wall cum shoe storage at bomb shelter area.

Told S and H many times WHITE MIRROR and yet the carpenter still can tell me instructions given to them is BLACK MIRROR.
Luckily we were there and could give them "first hand" information.

Shelving for mbr wall. To be mounted right opposite the bed.
I love love love the laminates.
Shelving complimentary from S.
She wanted to charge us for that but I insisted her to give us foc.
Pls lor this type of thing costs about $25 per pce from Ikea and she wants to charge us for that.

Mbr casement wardrobe up.
Can't remember which are with flash and which are without.
Some small error inside the third door but S said she will rectify it.
View from entrance:

Front view:

Close up view of the laminate. Floral prints.
This laminate seems quite popular nowadays.
Seen many renotalk forummers having the same one.
One of them did for kitchen cabinet. S said not nice for kitchen. Better for room.

Customised headboard. Cushion part will be up Thurs or Fri.
Wallpaper should be up on Thurs. Can't wait to see that baroque print!
(Look who's in the background!)

Sliding wardrobe in pink room:

Close up of the laminate. Not very clear and not true colour.
Grainy/leathery surface. Scared it looks AL leh.
The super failure kitchen cabinet.
101% wrong. We are supposed to do the chimney type hood but they did the spacing for flat type hood.
They even tried to cook up some lies to coax us accept the flat type and pay us back the price difference.
Pls lor I don't accept. If I want flat one I might as well use D's right?
Again wrong. They wanted to mount the sink INSIDE the support.
I want the sink to be seen. Not mounted in. Re-do the whole worktop.

Doors and drawer boards for the cabinets.

Due to re-doing works, kitchen will be delayed by about a week.
Hope they get it right this time round and no more delaying.
Studyroom desk.

Empty promises by S and H.
Promised to lay cardboard to protect the door but... still?
We saw all other units undergoing reno all main door pasted with cardboard.
Dunno why our unit always special one?
Anyway they promised to varnish all doors for us before handover.

Coincidental nice sunset view from corridor:

More updates when available.
Sorry for the long post and big pics (which take forever to load).

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