Sunday, May 25, 2008

More updates on renovation progress

Too tired to say much. Let the pics do the talking.
View of wall and full lenth TV feature wall.
Colour of paint: Lavender Mist.

Close up of feature wall. Wallpaper to be up after TV console.
The 2 slots of putting pictures or some small stuff.
Didn't want it in the beginning but S keep insisting till she forgot to remove it from the drawing so it stayed ALL the way.

View of false ceiling from dining area:

View of false ceiling from TV area.
Wall is also Lavender Mist here.
View of false ceiling towards dining area.
Notice the electrical wires. That's for the ceiling fan.
Glass door for the kitchen. Cost of the glass works is damn shocking.
$550 for the casement door (reasonable). $450 for the fixed glass panel on the right. This I cannot stomach till now.
My much adored ceramic sink:
Good things comes in a dustbag (HINT: This is not a Vuitton nor Gucci).
It's an Industrial-like mixer. Kinda wasted cuz H & S said not to do the hot water piping for kitchen sink so it's gonna work like a normal cold water tap instead of a real mixer.
Real bugger but anything to keep away from more piping.
Anyway hubs reasoned with me that it's not practical to have hot water in the kitchen since:
01) ours is not instant heater
02) how often we need hot water from the tap
I accepted his reasoning :)
Pistol grip shower for the mbr toilet. No need to ask for what usgae la.
This is much more expensive than the one we got for common toilet but it's so pretty I couldn't resist (even when hubs show me black face I still go ahead to confirm it).
View of mbr wall. Don't ask me what colour.
I dunno it myself.
Shower screen installed in mbr toilet.
We only asked for a fixed glass screen but they actually installed the casement door as well.
Hubs informed H about the mistake but H said it's already in the cost.
They can't be charging us $200 with casement door la. Anyway we already pointed out to them so if they want to charge extra for it, we will request to remove it and replace the tiles since already drilled holes on the tiles.
View of studyroom wall. Dunno name of colour but this is insisted by S.
Dunno why already 1 month+ they still have problem giving us the coloured copies.
Spare room wall in pink. I know I posted the pink before but this is another view.
The mess inside the household shelter:
Took a walk to MRT station. Very very surprised how NEAR it is!
Slow stroll took 3min flat. Yeah!!! I can imagine every morning I chiong walk should be 2min can reach.
Newly opened hair salon and optics shop opp MRT.
Can try the shampooing and hair setting skills some day.
Die la I becoming like auntie already :P
Super happy that Fairprice is 24hours. Much cheaper than having a 7-11 around.
We went down to HN at MW to make payment for the outstanding items.
Yippee! Got 2 x $50 MW vouchers. Super happy but also a bit dui la cuz every $500 entitled to 1 and we should get 8pcs for our payment amount.
A bit heartpain leh but no choice. This is the best we can get.
Den thought I will use them to buy Raoul. Sad to say how I wish I could but NO.
It's to be used to home appliances.
Philips blender + wine glass perhaps? Both available from HN.
Our Slumberland mattress + divan.
Price has gone up now but they were having 20% off so final price is about $300+ lower than our original purchase price.
Thought we can get cash refund but somehow they said our overall price (including divan and bedding acc) still cheaper so cannot lor.
Another view:
Can't wait for 7th June delivery.
Sum up:
Can only say very very unhappy with PLD!!!
Waited half day yet the aircon ppl never come and re-do the trunking.
Tues only installed the glass works.
Wed supposed to re-do aircon trunking but they gave some crap reason saying want to ask the boss of that co. down on sat to do but of cuz nothing happened la.
Thurs supposed up lighting. Hub went on Fri but nothing. H even avoid answering his call.
Then I question H why nothing done on Fri. He gave some crap excuse cuz I want a detailed schedule.
Hello!!! There is no linkage between these 2 issues.
Anyway what he showed me today is just a few lines scribbled on a pce of foolscap.
This reminds me of teacher wants to check homework and the student just anyhow scribble something on the bus ride to school.
Today H said the aircon ppl will come 11am to re-do yet never come at all.
Even the uncle from Jimmy Textiles so on-time came ard 1130am and took all measurements and left within a short while.
Utterly disappointed with such fucked up service.
Tmr we will puay with Sky. If he also do nothing then we have to be nasty already.

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