Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Curtain confirmed

Thanks to Amy for your kind recommendation but lazy ppl take short cut :D.

Our 1st visit was to MGL at Eminent Plaza.
Reason: Near to home (3.5 bus stops down) and recommended by S.
Was served by a super nice guy Andrew. He gave us plenty of recommendation and suggestions.
Later part, I asked him will he charge the same if we come in with our ID.
He's a little apprehensive at first but he said sure have to give ID some kopi $.
Anyway we told him about S and he said S very easy-going so he will tell S we are walk-in so will not charge us extra.
It was decided: Half length day curtains for living room (due to raised bay windows), roller blinds for study room, night curtains for spare room and day/night curtains with curved track for mbr.
Quote was around $1600 but Andrew said it could be cheaper if we choose cheaper materials.
Attitude was very good eventhough we left w/o confirming.
He was very good about it eventhough we were just dropping for quote.

2nd visit to Jimmy Textiles at Joo Chiat Complex.

Take it from me. This complex feels 100% like Holiday Plaza. Very M-Y feel.
Reason: A lot of forummers gave credit to this co. for decent pricing and good worksmanship.
Was served by uncle Steven. The samples he passed us was... so... not our kind so I took the liberty to ransack the whole shelf of sample books.
Over at MGL, we didn't have to self-service.
Just had to sit there and Andrew will bring over lots of sample.

I really have to thank my photographic memory and highly skilled observation competence.
I managed to find the EXACT materials for living, study and mbr.
The only one I couldn't find is the one for the spare room, which happens that I like it a lot.
Kind of floral motifs quite alike my AK.
It's actually displayed at MGL against the inner right wall.
Guess the only way is to go back to MGL and take a look from the catalogue so I know which brand it's from.

Anyway, last minute I decided to change to using night curtains for living instead of day.
I was quite afraid the thin layer will do nothing to block the sun eventhough we don't quite experience West sun except for this creepy hot period.
Think the material chosen is more expensive than the day one.


Living room (half length night curtain) - $250
Study room (roller blind non-blackout) - $315
Spare room (half length night curtain) - $180
MBR (day/night full length) - $390
Curved track - $168
White track - $66

Total: $1,369 (GST waived)

NOTE: Quote at MGL for spare room is full length while it's half length here.
About 30" difference so actual price might be higher.
Price is somewhat significantly lower than MGL by a little.

I remembered seeing quite a lot of forummers post their curtains done here for less than $1000.
Think the roller blind might be one of the reasons for the high price.
Didn't dare to do roman blinds cuz of the maintenance and it's even more expensive than roller blinds.
Dunno what came over me but I immediately confirmed the order with uncle Steven.
Guess it's the SECOND QUOTE CURSE we kana-ed. *LOL*
ID was like that, lightings almost and now curtains too!
Ya didn't want to search anymore. Happy to complete the task and no longer have to wander around every weekend searching for furnishing stuff.
The only outstanding items are dining table, computer chairs , mbr lights and some small acc and we are done.
Anyway we don't have much $ left after all these.
Final stop should be Ikea after we move in early next month (hopefully). *fingers crossed*

We already made arrangement for the guys to come up our place to take measurements for curtains but I called to postpone it.
Want to go down to Joo Chiat Complex to final browse the fabric next week.
Still thinking of the floral motif one :((

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