Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Labour Day

So happy first time go to Amy's place.
First thing I got in was to take a tour around the hse.
I love the MBR lots!!!!!!!!

The floor plan was really in their favour so they could merge 1 bedroom with the MBR to make it really spacious.
I love the way the little door concealing the toilet worked and of course the 8 pcs casement door wardrobe.

This is my dream. A wardrobe large enough for clothes and accessories.
But sadly my wardrobe got to split into 2 rooms. 1 in MBR and 1 in the room beside.
Can only envy cuz we don't have the luxury of space :(
Did not take pics of the room (some privacy for Amy can :P).

And here's the concealed piping for her kitchen area.

Nope she chose not to have a hood cuz according to her sis, it's not very efficient.
I have shown the concept to S, that is if they have not started working on the carpentry works (which really isn't that difficult since it's practically ZERO work done for now).
This made me wanna re-consider whether the hood works or not.
Mummy doesn't have this thingy in our kitchen eventhough she cooks very often so it's definitely not essential.

Hubs kept telling me even if this works, the cleaning part is very tiresome O.o
He very fake la. That time he persuade me to get the glass type of hood cuz looks nice. Now change statement.

Oh and Amy's kitchen cabinet is very special. Not those conventional top and bottom cabinets but whole stretch of full length ones. Actually looks a lot like... her casement wardrobe. haha
Me too will have ONE full length tall cabinet but is used for built-in oven. Very standard looking lor.

This is where Amy hosts her dinner parties. So envy them so fun-loving kind.
Make sure next time steamboat call us again ok.

Not bad hor the table can seat 8 pax. Love the bench as well (not in pic).

View of dining table when empty:

Black tempered glass table top with stainless steel legs. Beautiful!
Exactly what we were looking for. Let me go to FM to check price first.

Thanks for the invite to your place Amy.
Can throw the bill to Keith :P

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