Thursday, May 15, 2008

J & K Delivery Services

Hehe... we opt for self-collect instead of delivery for our lightings.
Good right. Save the trouble for uncle Henry.
Not an easy task ok but we quite professional la. Oh I mean my hubby la.
Can be freelance deliveryman already :)

This is the light for service yard. $30 including energy saving bulbs.

Saw this very nice light at Light Craft. Considering to buy for mbr entrance.

Wait till everything done then decide. Very cheap. $20+ only.

I like the shadows it produces. *love*

Had wanted to confirm this for mbr but S said don't buy first. Wait till everything up then decide.
So we wait lor. But this is the last pce and seems like no stock coming in.

When reached SK, finally can see some work done.
Paintwork already started. At least can see they already doing the primer.
Is it called primer? The base coat before the actual colours.
Hope this sat got more progress when we get there.


Wenn said...

i love the shadows light!!!
sound the house reno seem very fast doing!!hope to see more photos update~~

pinkdewy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Me also read abt ur reno progress. When is the expected complete date?

Wenn said...

ah,sad..thoug is end of this mth.!!
complete dated still unknow!!!
maybe at the june bah... reno blog seem to be more complaint than reno!!!
wont updated too angry to updated ah!!!....

now only hope hurry finish the reno ah!!!