Thursday, May 22, 2008

Reno day XX

Already lost count of the reno "progress" day.
Anyway it's already end of 5th week when we took these pics and now is mid of 6th week.

CMI aircon trunking in mbr:

Totally off and eating into the height for wardrobe.
Can't really describe it. Felt bored looking at the trunking.
Also can't really understand when hubs was explaining to H about the faults.
Supposed to re-do today but hubs will be talking to S how he wants it done on Sat.

Paint work in spare room:

Can't remember what was the original colour she proposed but I tried to change it.
And she gave me this pink. Dunno what's the name of the colour.
Pink looks a bit cheapo hor but is my favourite colour :P.
Till now still haven't give us the coloured copy of final drawing and proposed paint tags.
Ask S, she said H supposed to give. Ask H, he said thought S gave to us.
I really can't talk to them anymore. *faint*

False ceiling and feature wall up at living room.
Paint colour at living room is Lavender Mist. Study room is some gray colour.
Pic not taken. Will update again with more pics on Sat.

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