Friday, May 16, 2008

Environmental friendly me!

Found this little tube of sunscreen/makeup base in my MU toolbox.

Realised I have been neglecting it cause:
01) Shade too whitish
02) Sunscreen always too oily for me
03) The ULTIMATE reason --- Too LAZY
I must have used it max 3-4 times?

Well, I do admit I own way too much MU products than I need (or could finish) but discarding unfinished products is not what I usually like to do unless they are way past expiry or visibly deteriorated.
Was just mentioning to R the other day that I'm looking for a body lotion with SPF to protect my AK and not sure which to try then stumbled upon this tubey so a fantastic idea stumbled upon me.

Here's what I did:
Squeeze a little on finger

02) Apply

Too whitish but heck. I'll live with it for now.

$ saved for SPF lotion for now and get to use this afterall.
Am happy :)

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