Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hubs' 安弟缘

Since we had no plans for the evening of PH eve, I decided to pull hubs to Furniture Mall, which has become one of our favourite haunts recently. Not to mention it's like 10min walk away from my workplace *duh*

Were at Cellini yet again scrutinising the Manhatten dining table.

I had wanted to confirm this much earlier but hubs thinks it's too normal, nothing great.

Then we went to fulfill the real purpose of our visit to FM: Confirm our sofa cover colour.

We ended up diao-ed nearly 1.5 hrs in the shop. Auntie Ivy was obviously too lonely or hit her month end target so she had plenty of time to chat and told us half of her life story.

Hubs and me tried a few times to leave but not successful cuz every time we tried to leave, she would take out some receipts to show us her sales records or show us some pics on her hp.

Phew. Finally at 830pm she "released" us.

Hehe... nice lady la but cannot take us to Siao Kian right.
Btw, Aunty Ivy likes hubs a lot and saying his earring very nice and how young and slim he looks.

This is how our sofa looks but not the same colour cover:

Second encounter with Aunty

Were at Marine Parade hawker for dinner ytd and shared table with 3 aunties.

They kept trying to initiate conversation with us and calling hubs 弟弟 which really amused me so I told him he's not 弟弟. He's 35 yrs old already.

That was the time they kept marvelling how young he looks and how much he looks like teenager.

After we left, I told him "Wa auntie sian 你 leh". *LOL*

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