Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy saturday :)

Went over to our unit for receiving delivery of sink and mixer.
Finally room floors varnished, false ceiling and living room feature wall up but no pics cause I forgot my camera :(
We spent some time talking to H abt some of our concerns.
Aircon installation and paint work to start next week. Followed by carpentry works.
Then it will be time to pay more $ again. Gosh 35%.
Heart pain. Very pain.

Heard from H that they have another project on 8th floor so we tried to be kaypo went up to see eventhough work not started yet.
Ended up kaypo-ing at another neighbours hse (3rd floor kaypo up to 8th floor leh).
It so happened that it was the day of their moving-in so they were actually quite busy unpacking and preparing stuff but they were kind enough to let us go in and the male owner made time for small talk with us.
We are really lucky that most of the neighbours in this block are friendly and chatty.

Then as usual, Sat afternoon was the time we do our shopping for acc and furnishings.
First stop was to Light Craft. Thanks to Jeanne for the affirmation :)
We've been passing by this light shop for years and eversince I moved to new office, my bus ride home passes this shop every evening.
Upon entering the shop, we were shocked how HUGE it is. And there's 2 parts on 2nd floor.
3rd floor is more on commercial/industrial lights. They even have the kind of special equipment for professional photography. Sorry dunno what that's called.

This is the pendant light (aka hanging light) I've been looking for. Wanted to use this for MBR but hubs physco-ed me to use it for dining instead.
Hubs: "Aiya, this light so nice put in MBR so wasted right ppl can't see. Might as well put in dining so more ppl can see".
Pic shown is the smaller sized one. We ordered the bigger one. Abt $166 after discount.

Hubs thought I'd like this but NO. It's nothing. No cover. Only a pce of French lace pasted on the plastic cover. And it's very expensive.

Miss Matching French lace table lamp.

Nearly confirmed this for MBR but I wanted to see more before deciding.
Think the price is quite cheap. Abt $120+ as they were having sale for quite a lot of items.

Our purchase at Light Craft: 8 down lights, 3 of 4' T9 lights, 2 of 3' T9 lights and 1 pendant light.
Total damage: $454 (including GST, w/o installation)
We were offered free delivery but later decided it's easier to self-collect.

Happy little boy writing address for Uncle Henry.
Uncle Henry was amused by the way hubs and me communicate. Haha

We went off to Jalan Besar (E-Lumination) for kitchen and study room lights.
Walked abt 10min from Jalan Sultan. We decided to go eco-friendly by taking public transport that day :)

I chose this for kitchen. Simple and bright.



Hubs' choice for studyroom:

Total damage: $160 (including GST, w/o installation)
Initially was quoted $85 for the 1st and $95 for the 2nd but I told the nice SA that the previous time we came, the other guy quote us cheap price.
Ended up he reduced to $75 each.
The SA was really nice and his attitude did not change eventhough I repeated told him we bought most of our lights elsewhere and needed only 2-3 more.
He even offered free delivery for this small amount of biz we gave him but we decided to self-collect on the same day as we collect from Light Craft.

We would highly recommended above 2 shops for lightings but must bargain real hard especially all shops at JB. Tell them the other time you came, the other guy was able to give 50% of the displayed price.
They usually will give you the price you quote.

After spending lots of time choosing designs, haggling over prices (that's me!) and walking and walking, finally our dinner time.
Brought hubs to 来来 at Liang Seah street for dinner.

The hungry man waiting for food to be served.

We settled almost all our lightings in ONE day!
Decided to use Den's lights for walkway to rooms, HHS, both toilets and the spare room.
In fact hubs didn't believe it when I told him of my decision to use it for the spare room!
Now left with MBR and service yard lights. Didn't expect need to spend so much on lightings alone.

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Ms Polar said...

What a coincidence! I was at Lightcraft on Sat's afternoon and was also at Jalan Beseh there after shopping for lights. I'm renovating my place too and its quite near to the Atrina. Happy Shopping!