Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lighting up

For the service yard. I stopped calling it service balcony.
This space is just enough for a washer and for hanging clothes :)
View from service yard:

View from kitchen:

For kitchen. Super bright. I love it.
For studyroom. Chosen by hubs.
For the pink room. Simple no frills.
For mbr entrance.
View from inside, looking outwards:
View from mbr entrance:
Will be shifting the light to align to middle of wardrobe.
Common toilet:
Mbr toilet:
Above 4 lights pre-owned by D.
Down lights on false ceiling.
He's measuring and cutting the squares.
And finally... up up up...
Outstanding dining, mbr and the small area outside pink room/mbr not installed.
Previously shown hanging light not sure should use for dining or mbr yet.
Left one small false ceiling to up at the small area. Dunno called what area.
The mess outside our home:
Btw I saw something funny.
One of the workers used the slot on the TV feature wall to put...
Marlboro red pack leh.
I showed to hubs, he said good idea he will do the same.
Me: "Great too. Very good spot. Very easy to aim and toss it out from the window."

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