Monday, May 26, 2008

Aircon finally up!!!

After that CMI trunking + 1 week & 1 day wait, the aircon ppl finally came to re-do the trunking on Sunday.
Why 1 week + 1 day? H told us the guys coming at 11am on Sat.
We waited and waited no one came at all.
Sun then they came.
Damn irresponsible of H. Not even call us when re-doing the trunking.
Luckily hubs called him and just nice the guys were doing and we rushed down to see.
This is what we got. Non-inverter (included in our package) and only ONE tick. *shocked*

MBR (removed exisiting trunking and go in another direction):

Study (least trunking) :

Pink room (a lot of trunking but partial will be hidden by built-in wardrobe) :

The guys doing told us they themselves felt the first time trunking CMI and they very puzzled who approved that layout.


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